This page was created in response to the War in Ukraine for those willing to help.

Adtelligent to cease all operations with partners from Russia and Belarus

On the 24th of February, Russia invaded Ukraine and continues to attack and kill military personnel and civilians. Adtelligent stands with Ukraine and its people and thoroughly condemns the Russian invasion and war crimes against the Ukrainian population. Our company cannot support any operations that will further fuel the war. Thus, from the beginning of the war, we have decided to discontinue all operations with Russia and Belarus.

Our colleagues in Ukraine have shown exceptional resilience and unity during these horrific and trying times. Ukrainians stand together and inspire people worldwide to stand for their rights and freedom, causing an outpour of support and compassion.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine and those who protect its sovereignty.

Слава Україні,
Героям Слава!
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Our active position regarding clients from Russia and Belarus includes:

- Close access to our Supply Side Platform, Header Bidding Platform, and Demand Side Platform

- No withdrawals of money for publishers and ad networks

- No deposit of funds for advertisers

- No cooperation with new clients from Russia or Belarus

- Cutting all ties with platforms involved with Russian state propaganda

This page was created in
response to the War
in Ukraine for those
willing to help

If you want to contribute to the cause and help Ukraine, donate to volunteering organizations such as The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), or send funds directly to Ukraine helping Come Back Alive foundation.
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Adtelligent has already donated $259,000 to help Ukraine fight for freedom. In addition, we keep fighting the misinformation and propaganda on the media front, with the current spending listed below.

Humanitarian aid
Media war spend
Founders and Co-founders army support